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Digital Platform of National Spatial Data Infrastructure can be used to collect data, connect it and create added value data according to your needs.


Introduction to NSDI

National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) represents an integrated geospatial data system, enabling users to identify and access spatial information acquired from different sources, from local, via national to global level, in a comprehensive manner.


NSDI Conference: "COLLECT, CONNECT, CREATE – Our words for the future"

The Republic Geodetic Authority, has organized the NSDI Conference "COLLECT, CONNECT, CREATE - our words for the future" in Belgrade on December 4, at Klub poslanika.


New Digital Platform for National Geospatial Data Infrastructure

The test phase of the new Digital Platform for the National Geospatial Data Infrastructure was launched at www.geosrbija.rs.


Workshop for Open Foris platform for tracking ground changes using satellite images

A workshop on possibilites of using the Open Foris application was held between 3.7. and 7.7.2017. at the Republic geodetic authority in cooperation with UN FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations).


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