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The purpose of initial geoportal is to provide access to discovery and view services for selected metadata, spatial data sets, and services via the Internet, for professional users, as well as for public.

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Introduction to NSDI

National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) represents an integrated geospatial data system, enabling users to identify and access spatial information acquired from different sources, from local, via national to global level, in a comprehensive manner.


Meeting of the Steering Committee of the IMPULS Project

Regular meeting of the national coordinators and board of IMPULS project was held.


A new member of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Council was appointed

Ljilja Jovanovic, an acting Assistant of Minister of Finence was appointed as a member of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Council.


National Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Balkan region

Within the Impuls project - work package 2 " Data policy exchange and regulations " national workshop was held - a roundtable which host was Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs of the Republic of Srpska.


The workshop within IMPULS project about the Draft Law on NSDI

The President of the NSDI Council and RGA Director Borko Drašković opened the national workshop as part of Work Package 2 "Data exchange policy and regulation" emphasizing the importance of "Open Data" Initiative for the development of the NSDI in Serbia, as well as connecting on the European level.


IMPULS Workshop in Belgrade

On March 22nd 2016 in Belgrade, organized by the Republic Geodetic Authority, National Workshop of the working group 6 : Risk management and prevention IMPULS project entitled "Map of land cover" was held.


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